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Phase I: Getting Organized

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Phase I

Phase I: Getting Organized

July - September 2014 | During this phase a Strategic Planning Team (SPT) will be appointed. This SPT of approximately 40 members will reflect the diversity of the University community. Veteran, mid-career and early career faculty from the colleges will comprise a majority of the SPT. Administrative and professional staff from the four divisions of the university (Academic Affairs, University Affairs, Finance and Administration, and Advancement) will round out the team's membership.

President Baker Pattillo has appointed two co-chairs to lead the strategic planning effort: Steve Westbrook, Vice President for University Affairs, and Dana Cooper, Associate Professor of History.

On September 18 & 19 team members participated in an intensive two-day training, led by facilitator Dr. Patrick Sanaghan, to become more familiar with the five-phase process and to learn about, and participate in, some of the interactive techniques that will be used to gather data and solicit ideas from the campus community and other stakeholders during the next phase.

Here are a few shots of the group and some of their work:


SB-17 Compliance

Some activities referenced in the Strategic Plan are now prohibited by Texas State law and are no longer in effect.