Stephen F. Austin State University

Vision Statement

Our Vision Statement

An aspirational vision of the future to guide our work

[1] Stephen F. Austin State University (SFA) will have a distinct and stellar reputation based on the transformational learning experiences we provide for all our students in an exceptional setting. We will not use the term "transformational" lightly. We will be deeply committed to providing high impact, experiential learning for all SFA students.

[2] Our students will be engaged and empowered. They will know that we care about them and that we have high expectations for their performance and success. Our students will graduate with the marketable skills and qualities necessary to be leaders in their respective fields. Employers will seek out our students because of a demonstrated reputation of a solid work ethic. Their moral compass will be strong and true.

[3] We will expand our reach and increase our enrollment, not merely for the sake of growth, but because we are committed to our responsibility to the people of Texas to prepare more citizens to lead our state into the future. By seeking and accepting diverse students with a strong potential for success and providing them the resources and experiences to capitalize on their promise, the percentage of SFA students graduating also will increase.

[4] We will achieve financial sustainability by meeting tough choices head-on and making smart decisions about the future of the university. We will diversify our revenue streams, allocate our resources strategically, increase our private funding, and achieve meaningful enrollment growth. We will invest in our people and achieve appropriate levels of compensation, reward, and recognition. Professional development for faculty and staff will be seen as an investment and not an expense because our people are the greatest asset we have.

[5] We will be an innovative university. We will reach our students where they are and prepare them for life-long learning and career responsiveness in the twenty-first century. We will use cutting-edge teaching techniques and advanced research methods both inside and outside the classroom. We will be a forward-thinking university that not only is responsive to the realities of higher education but also is a leader in academia. Technology will be appropriately and sensibly infused throughout the campus in our classrooms and operations. It will facilitate-not drive-how we teach and work together.

[6] Our campus culture will be open, collaborative, and engaged. We will have an energetic and respectful workplace where civility, inclusivity, and accountability are guiding principles for everyone. We will become well known for the high quality of our faculty and staff. People will feel valued as employees of the university and work hard to sustain the sense of community that distinguishes us. Communication will be robust, transparent, and trusted.

[7] Our brand and identity will be authentic, clear, and understood by all our stakeholders. People will know who we are, what we contribute to the local, regional, and state communities, and what matters to us as a university. We will be known as trusted partners. We will leverage the strengths of our stakeholders, including community colleges, businesses and industries, K-12 institutions, and government entities. These partnerships will enable us to provide a stellar learning experience for our students and contribute to the quality of life of everyone we touch.