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Co-Curricular Programming


CO-CURRICULAR: Experiential learning opportunities that contribute to gaining skills and abilities that are part of the core competencies (ex. Texas Core Curriculum) and/or outcomes established by the institution and its governing bodies. EXTRACURRICULAR: Experiences that provide the opportunity to engage with the institution and that connect students to others within the community in meaningful ways.

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Center for Career and Professional Development

Program Name: Part-Time Job, Internship, and Volunteer Fair
Location/Date/Time: Fall Semester, BPSC
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This event is geared to help all classifications connect with local employers and on campus departments to find part-time jobs, internships, and/or volunteer opportunities. Come professionally dressed with multiple copies of your resumes and start building your professional network. We will also have a photo booth available to take your professional headshot for your Linked In profile!

Multicultural Programming

Program Name: Brave Space Series
Location/Date/Time: Fall and Spring series, BPSC
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Brave Space is a series developed by the Office of Multicultural Affairs that provides a space for SFA Students, Faculty and Staff, and the Nacogdoches community to share their perspective on challenging topics. Previous tops include immigration, stereotypes and religion.
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Program Name: The Monologues
Location/Date/Time: Spring semester, BPSC
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The Monologues is a play performed by women from the SFA faculty, staff, students, and community. The production, written by Eve Ensler in the '90s, is based on real-life conversations she had with women from around the country at various stages of life about their gender, their sexual experiences and how they felt about their bodies in gender-specific terms and as a whole. The Monologues are meant to be a way to advocate for the halt of violence against women and advocate women empowerment, awareness of violence against women and also to celebrate women.

Program Name: Diversity Conference
Location/Date/Time: Held in February each spring semester, BPSC
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The Office of Multicultural Affairs presents Diversity Conference. The Diversity Conference seeks to provide a platform for presenters to share their diversity-related work with conference attendees and engage in vital multicultural dialogue. To pre-register signup on
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Program Name: Women's Empowerment Summit
Location/Date/Time: Held in March each spring semester, BPSC
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Please join the Office of Multicultural Affairs for our annual Women's Empowerment summit. During this summit we invite you to develop relationships with other women who strive to make an impact, learn professional development skills, discuss current issues for women today, learn how to improve personal wellness and much more! This is a full day experience in which you will attend multiple workshops led by the staff and faculty at SFA. Keynote speakers will also be presenting throughout the day. This program is open to all current and rising female student leaders, SFA Faculty and staff and Nacogdoches community members, and anyone else who is interested (all genders are welcome). The event is free but spots are limited! Tickets will be available at the Student Center Info Desk.
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Program Name: Tunnel of Oppression
Location/Date/Time: Held in November each fall semester, BPSC
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The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) and Lumberjack Cultural Association presents the Tunnel of Oppression. The Tunnel of Oppression is an interactive museum which spotlights different forms of oppression through interactive theatre and multimedia presentations. In the past the event has shed light on issues ranging from human trafficking, genocide, racial profiling, and suicide to name a few. The Tunnel of Oppression is an enlightening and eye-opening experience that should not be missed.

Student Engagement Programs

Program Name: Involvement Fair
Location/Date/Time: Fall and Spring Semester
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The annual Involvement Fair is an opportunity for students to meet and greet members of over 200 student organizations. This event is held the second week of school in both the fall and spring semester. Participants will receive information on all of the student organizations and have a chance to speak with them one on one.

Program Name: Certified Student Leader
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Certified Student Leader is an intricately designed program created to evaluate and endorse a students' mastery of transferable skills. This is the University's official way to certify that our students are qualified in both academic knowledge and employable skills. Endorsements Include: Communication, Decision Making, Influence, Organization and Teamwork

Program Name: Jacks Give Back
Location/Date/Time: On going during the fall and spring semester
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The Office of Student Engagement (Leadership and Service) is eager to help any instructor, organization, or community group set up a customized service learning project.

Program Name: SPARK Leadership Conference
Location/Date/Time: Held in November each fall semester, BPSC *Postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19
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