Peter R. and Lavada A. Tadin Memorial Scholarship

The Peter R. and Lavada A. Tadin Memorial Scholarship was established by their son, Peter M. Tadin ’79 & ’81. The Tadins were raised during the tough times of the Great Depression, with neither graduating from high school. However, they were steadfast in encouraging their son to pursue higher education.

While attending SFA, Peter M. was very involved with the Baptist Student Ministry, which was instrumental in his life, and he served as a student summer missionary to Taiwan in 1980.

Peter R. was a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. After his service, he worked various jobs and entrepreneurial endeavors while Lavada worked as a waitress throughout most of her life. The Tadin family was originally from Chicago but moved to Waco in 1971, where Peter M. finished high school and made his way to SFA.

Peter R. passed away in 1977 at the age of 49. Lavada died in 1979 at age 50.

The scholarship is awarded annually, and the recipient must maintain a 2.5 GPA, be enrolled in a minimum of 12 hours or full-time equivalent and be involved in an SFA faith-based student organization with open membership.

The Autumn and Noah Stratton AARC Fund

Autumn ’05 and Noah ’05 Stratton established an endowment to support the SFA Academic Assistance and Resource Center.

The endowment provides supplemental monetary program assistance and operating revenue for the AARC.

“I remember Autumn (center) and Noah (right) as tutors so very well,” said M.E. McWilliams (left), AARC director. “I am overwhelmingly humbled that they would acknowledge the AARC with such generosity. We often talk about how the AARC impacts the learning of our clients, but the AARC has an enormous impact on the tutors, too. Their content knowledge, ability to engage, confidence and compassion all significantly increase by serving as an AARC tutor.”

Scholarship Recipients Show Gratitude

 “This scholarship enhanced my understanding of community, relieved burdens and produced the opportunity to continue my education at a four-year institution, an option I may not have otherwise had exiting high school. Since becoming a Smith-Hutson scholar at SFA, I have grown in so many ways, including emotionally, personally and academically. I know I am able to succeed now, as well as after graduation.”
Tabitha Cantrell, engineering physics major

 “Scholarships have helped me tremendously. Without this help, I wouldn’t be able to attend college. I’m so thankful for Smith-Hutson and the help I received.”
Shea Lewis, deaf and hard of hearing major