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Representatives of the Texas A&M University System, ​Texas State University System, ​Texas Tech University System and The​ University of Texas System ​have made informal contact with our Board of Regents expressing ​a desire to be part of any formal discussions should our ​board choose to evaluate potential system affiliation.

Our board will be engaging with these interested systems to ​assess how an affiliation might benefit SFA. These discussions will be conducted between ​representatives of our board and representatives ​of the system boards that have expressed an interest.

Board of Regents Subcommittee

The board has established a subcommittee that is tasked with engaging the authorized representatives of each interested system to discuss governance, financial and other related matters surrounding potential affiliation. ​

  • Karen Gantt, Chair​
  • Tom Mason, Vice Chair​
  • Jennifer Winston, Secretary​
  • David Alders, Member and Former Chair​
  • Dr. Steve Westbrook, Interim President (ex officio)​


Although the decision in this matter rests ultimately with the Board, input from interested stakeholders regarding this topic is being requested.

Campus Groups

An organized and comprehensive process will ​gather input from faculty, staff, students and alumni. Representative campus groups, including the Deans Council, the Chairs Forum, the Faculty Senate, the Staff Council, the Student Government Association and the Alumni Association will be developing reports for the board that will be provided prior to its decision.

Other Interested Parties

In addition to the groups mentioned, we wanted to provide a way for others to offer input. An online form has been created for that purpose.

When submitted, input will be routed to the proper campus group based on the individual's role and all input received will be provided to the board prior to their affiliation decision.

Input submitted by Sept. 16 will be considered for inclusion in the reports compiled by the campus groups. Any input received after Sept. 16 will be provided to the board but may not be able to be incorporated into the campus group reports due to timing.

We will accept input through the online form until Oct. 14.

Provide your university system input

University System Input Process Timeline

Sept. 23 Question sets developed by campus groups and submitted to interim president.
Sept. 27 Question sets provided to the authorized system representative by the interim president.
Oct. 6 System responses to question sets received by the interim president and submitted to the appropriate groups.​
Oct. 21 Reports representing the assessment of strengths and weaknesses of each responding system, and the recommendation for consideration provided to the interim president.
Oct. 30-31 Reports presented to the board by the designated representatives.

We anticipate making a decision before the end of the fall semester. System affiliation requires state legislation, and the legislative session begins Jan. 10, 2023.

For more information, watch the Fall 2022 Faculty/Staff Welcome Meeting and review Dr. Westbrook's presentation slides.


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